Final Reflection

Throughout the process of creating this blog I have come to understand more about the challenges that face teachers.

I have found that there are many different websites and programs that are available for teachers to access. In this blog I have used WordPress, Sway and Voki. I have never used any of these before and I quite enjoyed getting to know what each is capable of.

I personally have never understood the concept of blogging. After researching other blogs, I can see the benefit of being able to see another writer’s perspective behind each topic. It is also a way for people to share their ideas.

Blogging is a very useful tool when it comes to learning. I have gained a more in-depth understanding about what a digital world is, the digital divide and digital fluency.

Blogs are a great tool because they can contain text, images, links to other blogs and videos. (Howell, 2013). Blogs are also a great way to improve students writing skills. (Hall, 2013).

Voki was another great tool that I enjoyed using. It is relatively easy to use and its customisation will appeal to many students. This is a tool I can definitely see myself using in the classroom.

Technology for children should focus on fun and play. “Play does not refer too random, unstructured engagement; rather it describes creative, experimental and purposeful activity’s.” (Howell, 2013).

There are many ways that seemingly boring activities can be made fun by introducing technology. Children enjoy using it and it encourages learning.

There are many online tools and programs available to everyone and I am going to be making the most of them in my own teaching.




Hall, M. (2013). Using Blogging as a Learning Tool. Retrieved from The Inovative Instructor:

Howell, J. (2013). Teaching With ICT.



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